Why should you choose us?

1) Dr. Gökhan Gür is a very experienced doctor who has only done hair transplant since 2003. Dr. Gökhan Gür started in 2003 and is the first practitioner of fue technique in Turkey and in the world with hair transplantations.

2) Dr. Gökhan Gür, makes hair transplantation surgery himself.

3) Dr. Gökhan Gür performs hair transplantation with the same team for about 6 years.

4) Dr. Gökhan Gür applied all of fue hair transplantation techniques. Manuel Punch + hole needle tecnique has been applied between 2003-2011. Since 2011, micromotor punch + slite blade technique has been applied. He is still doing hair transplantation with his stick & places technique, which few doctors can do for private cases in the world.

5) Dr. Gökhan Gür is a member of ISHRS and has international experience. He started FUE in 2003 and he is one the first practitioner of fue technique in Turkey and in the world in hair transplantation.

6) According to our through and long-term clinical research, observation, and experience, the best plan in the follicular unit extraction hair transplant technique should not exceed 3500 follicular unit grafts per day. Otherwise, if the procedure extends beyond this standard.

Fue Technical Hair Transplant

The cause of hair loss in men is genetic predisposition. For this reason, the only treatment for male pattern hair loss is hair transplantation.

In recent years, hair transplantation has made significant progress with the technique known as FUE hair transplant technique (follicular unit extraction) without surgery, and has attracted the attention of all patients suffering male type hair loss.


Fue hair transplant technique is a non-bladed surgical technique that allows the donor to collect follicular units one by one without making a linear cut in the hair.

For this reason, it does not leave a linear mark on the neck. Fue hair transplantation has been applied to more than 2,000 patients since 2003 in Gur Hair Transplant.


1500 grafts available
3000 grafts available
5000 grafts available in two sessions (in two days surgery)



When choosing Turkey for hair transplantation!

Turkey Hair Transplant is fast gowing sector and you should choose right partner. İstanbul's Hair Trans Plant sector there are a lot of opportunity for you from hair transplant prices to another advantages. 

Find out if the center for hair transplantation is licensed and registered under the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Health. Request to see the license.

Find out the physician’s name/last name at the center where you choose to have your hair transplant. Find out if this name is registered, as a physician, in that city as well as if there is any record of this physician in the Medical Board.

Find out if it is the physician who will conduct the hair transplant or he/she is only the observer, and ask for confirmation. If the physician is conducting the hair transplant, find out which of the three operational-esthetic stages (phases) he/she is personally (actually) doing.


Why is the Golden Hand Important?

Your grafts are removed without being damaged. The transection rate on the grafts is close to zero.

After the donor perforation, there will never be a noticeable dilution with the naked eye.

It is a quality standard defined by Gökhan Gür and meticulously met by all patients. It does not apply the fue hair transplant procedure to patients who are thought to be below this standard.


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